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Monday, May 4, 2009

Things I bought from Japan for Crafting!!!!

So here's a picture I took of all the crafting items I bought from Japan. Just as long as I got my Copics set of pens. I was suppose to get 2 set of the 72 pens but I just got one which was set A in the Copics Ciao. I couldn't shop much as my mother was watch every yen I spend. She said if you really need it then buy it, but I explain to her that there's more than 72 colors. She said one set is enough for now and you can get it next time. I said mom when is next time.She said maybe next year again they might go there for the Aloha Market. We just have to see if my mom will go and I can tell her to get it. Sound like am still a little kid when she tells me what I can not buy. But yes she knows that we have to save some money for my future and for Landen's college funding esp. when things will go up later. So anyway here is the picture of all the craft items I bought. I bought a lot of those Japanese Washi paper. I just think it so pretty the designs on the paper. I also got some Hello Kitty stamps. While we were at the airport in Japan going back to Hawaii. We had 2 hours to spend and sure I shop some more but they didn't have any place that sell craft items. Wish they had. So I bought some mochi and they were delicious it so soft and my family all ready got to it and eat and ate it all. I also bought for Hello Kitty stuff to give out to my family and friends just those charms to put on their cell phone. And while killing time I came across the camera shop where I wanted to get an extra battery for my camera and I came to looking at their camera if it was cheaper than Hawaii and it is. I always wanted a professional big camera since I do party invitation and favors if they like I can take pictures for them at the party too. Also my boyfriend do slide shows. I took some photography classes before. I'm so excite I got the camera and it was only $569 including the memory card and an extra lens. What a deal. Can't wait to use it so I can also start scrap booking the pictures I will take.


Lorna said...

OMG! You hit the jackpot! I would love to go to Japan one day....I'd probably go nuts buying too many things to carry home!

Kyoko said...

WOW, what a great shopping spree!! Hey, you deserve it and you need to treat yourself sometimes! I heard that the Copics are very reasonably priced in Japan.

Jen said...

How Cool!!! Yea, you sure do deserve it... perfect timing too, just around Mama's Day... glad you all had a great time in Japan. Can't wait to see and hear all about it!!


Teri said...

Wow girl! You did some major shopping in Japan! How you like those copics, eh? Addicting, I tell you!! Glad you had fun. I still live at home and as old as I am, I still listen to my mom & dad...some things never change :)