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Monday, May 4, 2009


When I got back I had a Surprise package from Denise. She is so thoughtful to think of me. I comment her about these 3x3 magazine holder a while back and I just adore these, but haven't had the time to make one on my own. So I'll just admire the one Denise gave me. Thanks so much.

Since she was so nice, I wanted to let her know that I truly appreciated and what a Surprise it was. So I made are a little something to Thank her. Since I got back from Japan I made a Kimono card for her that I got from YouTube there's the website http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bIzLD7xwIJM. I had fun making these so I made more and will post them soon.

This Rak is from Jodie. I just love the Cinderella card she made. It so adorable. She also gave me a bunch of images and I can't wait to color them with my new set of Copics. I just met her 2 weeks ago at the GG gathering and she is so nice and funny. She made us laugh talking about her twins, I don't know how she does it.But I'm sure she good at it taking care of them. Thanks Jodie!I'm still working on mines to sent to you.


Jen said...

Oh WOW!! So cute!!! Lucky girl, and welcome back! Can't wait to see pics from your trip... did you get Copics?!?!

Islander Girl said...

Great RAKs!!!! I especially love your Kimono card!!!

BTW, I may post some of my Japan pics cause I miss it so much and your post got me homesick! LOL!

Have a great day!

Joy said...

WOW...such wonderful RAKs...love all the goodies you brought back from Japan! can't wait to see you use them as well as your copics! have a good week! TFS!

Lorna said...

What great goodies! I haven't attempted one of those little holders yet....one of these days (I always say that!).
Love that little kimono card....so cute!

de said...

Jenny! You didn't win my big candy, but I still have a little something for you. Check out my blog and send me your info so I can mail a little something off to you!

Kyoko said...

Hi Jenny! Wow, lucky you to receive just awesome RAKs!

Jodi said...

Hi Jenny! Those were some awesome pics you showed from Japan, how awesome you got to go!!
So glad you were able to get your copics and more craft stuff too!! Great RAKs!

Linda said...

Hi Jenny! You got some sweet RAKs! Thanks for sharing the kimono card link - I'll have to try it soon. Hope to meet you one day! Hugs, Linda

Gracie said...

Hi Jenny! Awww...these are awesome RAKs!!! Please stop by my page...left a few things there for you!!! =)

~ Gracie

nicky w. said...

Sweet RAKS! I love your Kimono card!