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Friday, May 1, 2009

I'm back !!!!!

I just got back from Japan Tuesday afternoon. Boy, I'm still jet lag still getting use to the time difference and since I don't go back to work till Monday. So I been quite busy washing clothes and unpacking. It was so quick how time flies I guess because we were having too much fun a new country and first time being there .So here are some pictures from my trip to Japan that I want to share.
Here's the train that we took to get us around.
Here's how busy the train station is at Chigasaki. Tokyo is more crowded.

Reason for this trip was for my mom's working place. Her boss had paid for our flight and the 3 more staffs. He also paid for the food we ate and our hotels we stay in. In Japan at Chigasaki they had a event every year called Aloha Market so they had a lot of vendors that were selling and promoting Aloha theme stuff. My mom works for Rainbow's Drive Inn and we made and sell Loco Moco and chili bowl with rice. Event was on Saturday and Sunday from 8am -4pm. But on Saturday it was raining very hard so we didn't sell much we end of giving some Chili Moco for free to all the vendors and staff that were working for the event. On Sunday Thank God it clear up and we were sold out of Loco Moco bowl we sold about 300 loco moco and we had 1 pot left out of the 3 pots of chili so we gave it to some of the Japanese workers that help us translate and sell. The Japanese people there didn't really care for chili. I was so tried from standing up all day.

Big Buddha in Kamakura

Hase - Dera Temple at Kamakura
Japan tallest buildings in Tokyo skyscraper (54 floors)

Marriott Hotel in Tokyo (me and my mom shared the room, double bed room cost 23,647 yens which is about $230 a night but we only stay there 1 night the rest of 5 nights we were at Chigasaki Tokyo Inn.

Here are some food we ate. ( I think I gain 5lbs)

Here is some pix of the department stores in Tokyo. It looks like New York city. Forever 21 it had 5 stories high. And Ito-ya http://www.ito-ya.co.jp/ is a store that sells crafting stuff so I went crazy I finally bought 2 set of copics pens one was the 72A set and the other one was there new release Ex-4. I got the 72 set back in Chigasaki it was about $165 and I got the new colors in Tokyo Ito-ya it was about $39.00, it was so hard to shop in front of my mom because it's a lot of money to be spending on pens. And I couldn't stay at the craft store long because they were waiting for me. Ito-ya it was 6 stories high. It was hard to shop around with so little time, I just had to get my copics and that's it. I bought some Japanese Washi paper and got some punches and some stamps from another craft store called Uni-Art somewhere in Chigasaki side. I haven't take it out from my box yet. I'll take a pix of it later.

Thanks for visiting. Hope you enjoy the pictures, doesn't it makes you want to take a trip to Japan. I can't wait to start crafting with my new toys. I need to make a Thank You card for my mom's boss and get a gift card too for all that he did. Thanks Jimmy! Good Night !


Liann said...

great pictures..did yoiu get a chance to go to any nihyakuyen stores...looks like you had a blast..i lived for 6 years about 45 minutes from Kamakura..tfs your memories

Kyoko said...

Hi Jenny! LUCKY YOU!!! Welcome back and thanks for sharing your pictures. I love Rainbow Drive Inn's chili. Sometimes, we have a family outing and make a special trip from Village Park just to enjoy their food.

Gracie said...

Hi Jenny! Welcome back! I'm glad you guys had fun on your trip. These pictures are awesome! Japan is on my "Travel Wish List". Take care! =)

Denise said...

Wow Jen, Looks like you had a wonderful time! I can't wait to see the pics of the craft supplies you bought, especially the Copics!

Michele said...

Thanks for sharing your pics. I was just there in March, and got myself the EX-4 set too. You're going to just love those pens!

Islander Girl said...

Oh lucky you! I'm so jealous!!!! I love Ito-ya!!!! It was crowded when I went so it was a bit hard to shop in. You went to Kamakura which isn't too far of where I grew up at! There's a huge stationary-pen store that I shop that has all the Copics!!! Anyhow, I'll be (hopefully) going back in July when dh goes for work. And this trip will just be a shopping trip for me. If I don't go, I've already have my list of stuff for dh!! LOL!

Thanks so much for sharing your pictures and your trip...Japan always brings me back to my happy place! Glad to know you had a great trip!!!! Can't wait to see what you got and your creations!!!

Lorna said...

Great pictures! I gained about 10 lbs just looking at all that ono food.
I want to visit Japan too now...