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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A fun Sunday!!!

A day of fun for crafting and meeting new friends. Denise was kindly enough to open her lovely home to us . Talk about how organize she is. I finally got to meet Linda, Kyoko, and Jamee (Denise's daughter). When I got there Nicky already left. I never met her in person yet and I hope to see her at the next gathering. For Dawney, I met her back in March where she had invited me to the Scrapper Jam. We had so much fun talking, eating, and stamping but enjoy most was each other's company and laughter. Denise was full of energy, I wish I was like that. Denise what's your secret and share some of your energy with me LOL. I think all my energy goes to my son, some how he just like to make me exhausted. Gosh. Dawney was kind enough to brought most of her stuff and share it with us to use. She finally got some things done. Kyoko doesn't believe that Dawney is part Filipino. She needed proof and wanted to see Dawney's birth certificate. So funny. Also she got her new house and I can't wait. PARTY over there. LOL. Kyoko & Linda are the funny ones. No Kyoko & Linda you guys did not scare me with your nonsense. It's actually hilarious. Jamee, is so sweet. She actually got some creations done. I think the most from all of us. These are awesome RAKs I got. Please feel free to check out their blog and some of their fabulous creations. Thank you girls and I can't wait to see you guys again.

RAK from Denise
She made me this beautiful image folder with lots of image inside of course.She also added a package of bling and some Himawari Babies images.Check out Denise blog she's hosting Himawari Baby Challenge. Hope you guys can participate.

RAK from Nicky
She made this box with her Silhouette and use the new release stamps from Dandelion Designs and inside the box some yummy chocolates. Elliot the Elephant so adorable. I need to buy myself the Sihouette and get me some of Dandelion's stamps.

RAK from Kyoko
She made this lovely accordion folders and use one of the image from TGF called HG SING. I still need to get this stamp. Inside were some Ketto stamped image, and my favorite color pink dew drops. Wow I love these images and I can't wait to purchase some.

RAK from Linda
She made this beautiful crayon box and use one of the image from Himawari Babies. She's so adorable. Linda filled with stamped images from TGF and InStyle Stamps.

Thanks for stopping by and Good Night!!!!


Teri said...

Wow Jenny! Lovely raks for you! Lucky girl! Can't wait for the next fun day at D's!

Denise said...

Hey Jenny, thanks for coming & the goodies! See you at the end of the month. I am having about 5 more girls...so even more fun!!

Kyoko said...

Hi Jenny! I too had fun on Sunday ... didn't get much done, but still enjoyed myself. Good lord, can you imagine the next time? Take Care!

Dawne said...

Hey Jenny...thanks for siding with me that I am Filipino! LOL. And sorry for all the coughing...you were sitting the closest to me. Hope I didn't scare you. I'm sure Kyoko scared you the most so I not too worried. Thanks for the cute jar and chex mix!! Hope to see you soon.

Jodi said...

Hey Jenny!! These are all awesome RAKs! Can't wait to see what you will make with them. =)
Jodi =)

joni h said...

Great RAKs! Too bad I didn't get to meet you. I stopped by briefly to say "hi," but left. maybe next time!

Jamee said...

i cant wait til our next crafting party!!

Berenice said...

So nice RAK's! Glad you had a great time :)

Joy said...

isn't it always so much fun to get together and those ladies are first class as they always are sharing their stuff! I love it! lovely RAKS! you must of had lots and lots of fun!

Vina said...

Wow! Tons of nice RAKs! Sounds like you guys had a blast!! A lot of nice images..cant wait to see what you create with them!