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Monday, March 2, 2009

My son school project

My son LJ birthday is coming up soon, so I'll be posting a blog candy in celebration for his 6th birthday which is 3/24. It's his turn to bring a poster about why he is special and things about him. We had a blast doing this together yesterday. He learn so much things about him self and remember all the memories from before. Also why he is so important in our lives. He said because my family loves me, they take care of me, feed me, and take me places. He is such a character. He grows up so fast and I'm so proud of what he's becoming. He has improve so much and very active. Before he was shy and now he so talkative too. This morning when I drop him to school, his teacher and classmate really like his poster. He said my mommy is the best, we made this together and he gave me a hug and said Thanks Mom.


Denise said...

Very nice poster!

Denise said...

My BD is the 30th, and my daughters is the 23rd, just a day before yours. I will see you on Sunday at Teri's, I am going to that class. Can't wait, it's always lots of fun, and Teri hold's great classes.