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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tracy's Christmas Challenge

Tracy has a challenge on her blog. Thanks to Nicky! I saw it at her blog and decided to play along. I definitely had the time to make Christmas yesterday and continue finishing it tonight after work. This was a great idea to get started on Christmas card. Never too earily. Done with 5 and probably 25 to 35 more cards to make. I got the santa's stamp for a dollor. I don't really have that many stamps. Time for me to go shopping for some stamps later.

Sorry my lighting in my room is bad. The walls in my room is red and my lights are dim even with the flash on my camera. I'll scan them tomorrow or take another shot in the morning when the sun is shining.


Tracy.H said...

Great job on the challenge! Thanks for playin'. :0)

Joy said...

you did a wonderful job on Tracy's challenge! I wish I had the time to do some...but I don't! maybe the next one =) very pretty... you'll be ready for the coming Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Awesome job on the challenge! Very festive! =)

Joy said...

hi...so I read your comment...you can only get those copic pens in Hawaii from Hawaiian Graphics... 2758 South King Street...they have the "rights" to sell those pens...there's a website I can give you but I would have to look it up...if you wanted to purchase them online. hope that helps =)

Jodi said...

These are great cards! It's always a plus to create them during the year so you have them for the holidays. =)