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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Wonderful RAK!!

Sorry to post this so late.

I got this rak from Teri. I actually comment on one of her weekly candy blog and it was a Birthday stamp set and that week was my birthday. I didn't win but she still manage to give me a little gift for my birthday. Thank you Teri for the stamps and ribbon!!! They will come in handy for ST. PATRICK DAY! And the ribbon is a great color with bright flowers. This was mail to me last month ending of January.

I came across Dawne's blog through Teri's blog one day and seen her post on For Sou and I was reading it. She volunteer to make cards and sell them for her cousin's fiancee treatment that's diagnosed with leukemia. I had volunteer to help since it's a good cause for it. I donated 5 of my cards that I created and gave it to her. Just to show her appreciation, she give me this lovely kit. Thanks Dawne !


Islander Girl said...

Wow, nice RAKs!!! Isn't Teri just too sweet? Lucky girl!

BTW, belated Happy Birthday!! Hope you had a wonderful day!!!

Teri said...

Jenny, you're welcome! Happy Belated bday to you!!