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Friday, February 27, 2009

For Teri

Here's a small gift I made for Teri . She was so nice to even give me something small even tough I didn't win, but it was my birthday that week. She still when her way. So I admire her kindness. My grandmother always told us that do good for others and others will do good for you. Teri is that kind of person, so I wanted to give her in return to say Thank You. She sure had brighten my day when I got her e-mail that she wanted my address so she could sent me a gift.I made her a card, a Hello Kitty note book, and a little bag of candies. I just hope she likes it!

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Teri said...

Jenny, Thank you so much for the sweet rak! I loved everything!! Keep playing for the candy, you just might be my next winner!! xoxo, Teri