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Friday, February 13, 2009

Landen's Valentine's Project

My son is in kindergarten and for Valentine' Day, they need to design a V-Day mailbox using a shoe box or Kleenex box or anything that retriangle shape. So we decided to just use a box that we could find around the house. Each student will be handing out letters/cards to each other. And this is how this box turn out. With all the cards he had to write to his classmate, there's 22 students in his class including him. I wanted to take a pix of the cards he made but he already had seal them. I manage to take 2 because that was the last one he had to finish. He use my cricut to cut out some shapes and images. He just love using that machine. He was so amaze how big the size you can cut he had cut a 15" star for his last project. Which was for his Add Imagecelebrating 100 days of school. So we decided to make 100 different gold shape stars. I forgot to take a pix of.

I complete forgot that it was my turn to bring goodies for his classmates.Since my son loves Kellogg's Rice Krispies Cereal, he eat that for breakfast with real strawberry inside and milk. I remember seeing this on Paper Kisses Blog. Since that was a good idea rice crispy treats made with marshmallows and candy sprinkles stuffed in an ice cream cone. But I couldn't find strawberry marshmallows, so I use a little bit of red food coloring. I didn't have time to figure out how to make the holders. So I just use those Valentine's treat/goodie bag. Then tie ribbons into a bow with a tag on it. He had fun putting the sprinkles, he was tempted to have one he couldn't wait till tomorrow so since there was extra I gave him one. Also he always my helper.

Hope you guys enjoy your Valentine's Day weekend.


Islander Girl said...

OMG, the rice crispy treats are sooo cute!!! Girl you are quick especially for someone who forgot it was your turn to bring goodies! Way to go!!!

I just love seeing kids getting involved with crafts!!! Your son did an awesome job!

Have a Happy Valentines Day!!!

Toni said...

Hi Jenny
Thankyou for your comments on my cards the flippin men and women sheets are by La Pashe they are available from a variety of stockists but I get mine from
you have a wonderful blog and I love the valentines mail box a great idea
Have a happy Valentines.
Toni xx

KeeponScrappin said...

Super cute. My daughter also had celebrated her 100th day at school. Thank you for visiting my blog and being my new fellow bloggin gal.

MargaritaMD said...

HI Jenny! Thanks for stopping by my blog! i just love your creations!! How creative! Have a wonderful loving day!!

Ċ olanje na domu-Waldorf said...

Yummy treats. :) Thank you for entering my candy. Wish you luck.
x Natasha x

Nicci said...

Great treats! Thanks for sharing these

bumblebee creations said...

O wow!!! How totally awesome! I love this idea-never have seen it before! I may have to "case" this idea for my daughter on her next day to take snack!!
Please let him know I think his valentines for his classmates were so cool! I think that it is great for him to enjoy helping you!!

Teri said...

Ooh, love those treats you made! I'm sure the kids loved them cuz they look so yummy!!

Little C's Creations said...

Hey Girl... I finally made it over here. LOVE this marsha-mellows in a cone!! How do they taste? I bet YUMMMM-O!!!

Anyways... check it out - you won the game (how could you not?!)... =0}

See ya real soon!!!

Big Hugs,