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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Kindergarten Student's Gift

Here is what I made for Landen's classmate. Finally got to finish it during the weekend. I got the popcorn yesterday at the movies. You buy a extra large popcorn and get a refill it was $6.00 and since I got some gift cards from one of the Physical Therapy company that we referred some of our patients to. The manager for the company always gives us $20 movie gift card every month. Also yesterday was a chance to spend some time with my son. It was just me and my son. My boyfriend had to finish making 30 DVD's for the slide show and he just got done with it this morning at 2 am. Finally we got it in time to school this morning. Well me and my son had watch the movie " UP !" it was a bit sad and funny too. After that we went to Target's he wanted to buy a DS game and he use his birthday money that he save up for. He didn't want mommy (me) to spend my money. He felt like a big boy using his own money. The popcorn box is made from my Cricut Expression machine and use TBBM Cartridge.
The biggest size for the popcorn box was 6 1/2. My son help me bag some popcorn and added kakimochi. Also added an Airhead just something a little sweet for them to enjoy. I'm sure the kids love popcorn too. My son loves Popcorn and has to have kakimochi in it. Who doesn't. And everyone in Landen's class got to take a DVD of their Kindergarten slide show. Something to remember their Kindergarten year. Have a good Night.


June Houck said...

The slide show will be a treasured gift for sure. How thoughtful of you! This is a fabulous idea.

Denise said...

Wow, Jenny, that is one very special gift to give Landon's classmates. Love that popcorn box.

Kyoko said...

I love your popcorn idea! The goodie back came out really cute and your boyfriend worked really hard to get the DVDs done! Lucky you!

Lorna said...

What a great and thoughtful gift! Landen's classmates are so lucky!

Kristine said...

Ahhh, what a SWEET thing for you to do for all his classmates! That's so awesome. I remember my daughter's Kindergarten graduation and they all got a dvd slideshow as well! That popcorn looks sooo YUMMY!! I've never heard of Kakimochi before, but I'm guessing it's chocolate and yumm-o! :) Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I'm having fun purusing yours as well!